Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Uh-oh, My Cat is a Super Genius! " Got my first proof of the book.

Hey! I got the first proof copy of the book. It was exciting and a little weird. It looks pretty good but Somehow when I looked at this seemed odd. I put it amongst a bunch of other children's books and it looked strange to me.
felt like anyone who looked at the pile of
books would be able to pick mine out as
the one that didn't look legit. I think
maybe that's because I've been so close
to it for so long.

So there's a bunch of little problems. The colour isn't right on some of the pages...and though the cover looks quite blue really seems rather purple when holding the I need to do something about that. Also, there's text I need to shrink for a better fit...some of the words get lost in the binding too. I'm working on finding an editor right some fresh eyes should help. Have a look and throw me some comments. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soapstone Fish

Hey there. So I just got back from a week at a cottage with my family and during little moments where we weren't eating, swimming, kayaking or sleeping we would sit down a do a little soapstone carving. I did this for the first time on another cottage trip last year and I liked it so much I picked up some tools and stone so I could do it whenever I caught a second.

So's my fish. It's in Brazilian soapstone. I posted two picks because I wanted to show the scale and colour a bit better..the orange/brown version is really the true look of the
piece...but the photo in my hand is without the
flash and it shows the detail a bit more I think.

Soapstone is one of the coolest things I've worked with in a long while and I highly recommend it. It's relatively cheep to get into and pretty relaxing....unless the thing breaks on you...which this did....the fish should have been another 3/4 inches in length but the tail broke early in the after much crying, I shortened the sucker. I think it turned out okay. :)