Friday, November 30, 2007

Airplane Paintings!!! in progress anyway. I'm getting into this new painting here..
It's a couple of bearcats over a super cool skyscape....super cool if I get it right. This image is the first rough colour sketch....It's funny I haven't looked at this for a while...since I've been working on the later stages.....and man, I think I like the original tilt on the like the rougher feel of the paint.....I might try this with another painting in the future. More impressionistic feel

So I guess I would call this the middle stages.
I've started to smooth out the clouds ...which is in keeping with the cloud reference I'm's a wispy kind of cumulus and stratus mix...the sun's position seems to rob the clouds of volume but creates a kind of layered feeling...The black perspective looking lines were something I added to help me when I'm later adding any "God rays that are punching through parts of the can also see that I've moved the planes.....A mistake in below.

A couple things have changed here...I've widened the canvas a touch....Things felt a little tight on the left of the the planes needed room to fly... I've also restored some tilt to the planes....I like that.... Funny: Though I like this's clear to me that I've lost the punch of initial rough....crap. I think I need to add some tilt to the clouds themselves...theres definitely a sense of horizon in my first rough....I'll try to get that back.........AAAAAAHHHH!!!!...................more changes on the way.....but once I get this sky worked out it's on to the planes. The fun and painful part.