Monday, January 5, 2009

Grumman AA1B.

I Chose this plane because it's the one I used to own. Like all my paintings..this one isn't completely done. :) But I wanted to post it. Again, I'm not entirely happy with this but I feel like I'm learning. I've switched software for this one and I'm liking the results. And even though the software shouldn't matter, I find it easier to get the feel I'm looking for with this one. On the right is the full painting as it stands right now. I've got to do some work on me (the pilot) and refine the well, I need to put the call letters on. They were there in an earlier version but I decided to darken the plane considerably and so I just went right over the Id. Too big a pain to paint around them. The second image is a bit of a detail of the airplane. In reality it's about 30 inches wide so this gives a bit of an idea of the printed size. Anyway, more to come....
in about a thousand years.