Friday, October 31, 2008

Awesome animated golf show, "Kill Golf"

This is a page from the pitch bible of, "Kill Golf," a show Blayne Burnside and I created a few years back...sheesh...long time no do anything.

Anyway, it's the funniest show ever!.......... Really. It all takes place on a Golf course...but really has nothing to do with Golf at all. There will be no crappy jokes about, Mulligans, the 19th hole or how some guys Grandmother can drive the ball further than some other guy.

There will however be insanity, stupidity, drama, gratuitous violence, several brushes with death and of course, an entire episode dedicated to bigfoot( maybe two). By the end of the first season the biggest, most diabolical and fiendish plan ever hatched on a stupid cartoon will be revealed and Golf's future will hang in the balance.

Freakin' gold people..................Freakin' gold