Monday, February 18, 2008

Focke-Wulf 190 sketch

Alrighty. This was fun. Started out as a quick doodle of this FW 190 in the foreground...and of course nothing was right...that's what happens when you draw planes from memory ( and your memory sucks)...but I enjoyed it just the same and I liked the feel of the sketch...I guess the twin engine in the distance is a B25....and the fighter above and behind it...? let's pretend it's a Mustang :)

Anyway, despite the fact the B25's Port engine is burning, I'm not normally a big fan of WWII aviation art that depicts battles...seems stupid maybe...seeing as that's pretty much what WWII was all about.

For me, these planes should be painted in a way that shows their power and grace without focusing on the fact that they were designed to blow the crap outta stuff. I'd rather try to capture a split second that conveys what it might have been like to be near these beautiful machines as they were flown to their limits.....Just about the coolest thing ever.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

another plane..What the heck.

Just playing around last night. Sometimes, after a day of drawing silly stuff...I've gotta try something for myself...bit of pencil line with some oil paint...I don't know if I love it...but I'm trying to find my style's a process...ya know?